MC Sha Rock

Mc Sha Rock : The Mother of rap sits down w/ Jazzie Belle to discuss the inception of hip hop and how she became the 1st female mc to rock the mic w/ the funky four + 1. She also tells us about their iconic performance on SNL and what it was like being the 1st hip hop act to perform on television and how it came into fruition. Check out Part 2 w/ this beautiful queen and legend going down next week only on Women in Hip Hop.

In Part 2 of MC Sha Rock’s interview w/ Women in Hip Hop Podcast she tells us about her tumultuous relationship w/ CEO of Sugarhill Records Sylvia Robinson and how she’s still in a legal battle w/ her former label. We also discuss the current state of female rap, who’s her favorite and what she hopes to see in the future for all female emcees.