Kyah Baby

Kyah Baby grew up in Queens, Ny and has been consistently making a name for herself for the past 10 years. In this interview we discuss her humble beginnings, initially signing to DJ Self, being cosigned and supported by 50 cent, her hit single “New Energy in which Jazzie Belle coins as The New “New York Anthem.” Make sure to watch the podcast on youtube.com/jazziebelletv and Follow us on social media: @Kyah_Baby @jazziebelletv @womeninhiphop womeninhiphop.com timestamps: 8:45 what made her start rapping & dealing with the politics that comes w/ the industry 14:06 50 cent cosigning her and her biggest musical influences 21:42 discuss her single new energy & the history of New York rap scene. 39.00 confessional hour: Relationships, sexuality, dream collaborations + more!

Kyah Baby “New Energy” Performance for Women in Hip Hop Podcast.