Kitty Gata

 Kitty Gata is an emerging American rapper based in Brooklyn, Newyork.

Before starting her music career, she worked in the Federal Express office. Despite this, she has recently secured herself as a total performer. She is known for her Kitty Litter presentation collection. Her prominent melodies are No Scrubs, MPR, Sneak Diss, 2Hot2Miss, One Up and Pop Out.

On July 4, 2022. Gata released her single “Head Shot,” which includes rapper Method Man. The song has gotten huge thumbs up from hip hop fans everywhere! But “Head Shot” is the rapper’s second concerted effort with Method Man. Previously, they worked closely together on the remix of his iconic duet with The Queen of Hip Hop Soul, Mary J Blige “All You Need.” Giving it a different spin on such a hip hop classic. Kitty tells Jazzie Belle how working with the Wu Tang legend came into fruition. She also discusses the state of female rappers, her musical influences and her dreams and aspirations outside of rap. ” Make sure you tune in and subscribe to our youtube channel at youtube.com/jazziebelletv and follow us on social media @womeninhiphop @jazziebelletv @realkittykitty