Drew Dixon

(Part 1) Former music executive for both Def Jam and Arista Records, Drew Dixon sat down with Jazzie Belle to discuss and celebrate her accomplishments in Hip Hop & R&B. Most people are familiar with her from the HBO Max Documentary ‘On The Record’ where she accuses Russell Simmons of rape. But Hip Hop Journalist, Jazzie Belle wanted to use this opportunity to shed light on her accolades and contributions to the culture. Hits like Method Man’s “You’re All I Need” featuring Mary J Blige, Aretha Franklin’s “A rose is still a rose,” to Whitney Houston’s “Your love is my love” all were touched by the brilliant mind of Drew Dixon. In Part 1 of this interview we talk about when she discovered her love for Hip Hop, moving from DC to Brooklyn and befriending the likes of Biggie Smalls (She shares a few amazing B.I.G stories), to dating singer D’Angelo, to landing her dream job as A&R at Def Jam Records, to being the mastermind behind turning an interlude to a full length record that turned out to be a Grammy Award Winning single + a lot MORE! Make sure to follow us and support: @DearDrewDixon @JazzieBelleTV @WomeninHipHop websites: womeninhiphop.com jazziebelletv.com time stamps: 2:52 When did you fall in love w/ hip hop? 9:44 moving to Brooklyn & befriending Biggie & Matty C from The Source Magazine 12:41 Drew gives us a “Notorious BIG Story.” 16:00 How she got the A&R position at Def Jam. 22:00 How Method Man’s “All I need” became a Grammy Award Winning Record! 42:00 How she executive produced Russell Simmons presents: The Show Soundtrack. 49:50 Drew talks ‘On the Record Documentary’ and recounts the night she was allegedly sexually assaulted by Russell Simmons. 1:06:10 Drew talks about Oprah’s departure as executive producer of the documentary. “I’m owed an apology.”

n part 2 of our interview w/ former A&R Exec Drew Dixon, she further details her experience with Russell Simmons, her thoughts on why Oprah no longer wanted to be the Executive Producer of HBO Max’s ‘On the Record. A ‘Me Too’ documentary about 3 women who accused Russell Simmons of rape. She also tells us about the numerous of hit songs she help facilitate and artists she tried to sign at Arista Records before they became huge stars like Kanye West & John Legend plus more! Women in Hip Hop Podcast main focus is to shed light on the many talented ladies that influenced and contributed to the culture. They oftentimes go unsung and unappreciated. If you haven’t heard of Drew Dixon and knew her story we hoped this interview helped you appreciate her talents and contributions to music. Thank you for watching.