Connie Diiamond

Diiamond’s buzz began in 2016 with her freestyle atop Drake’s “Summer Sixteen” before a menacing 2021 rendition of DaBaby’s “Ball If I Want To” sparked a viral flame. Now the rapper is solidifying her position as the unstoppable voice from the Bronx. “I call myself the underdog sometimes, because people may think they know me,” she says. “But they don’t know how creative I can get.” Since signing to De Jam in Oct of 2022 Connie has catapulted her underdog status to rap mainstay all while staying true to her humble roots. Her relatability, she says, is the reason she’s striving in the rap game and doesn’t want to come across like she’s above anyone. So as her star status ascends, there’s a good chance you’ll still catch her around the neighborhood she calls home Diiamond’s genuine nature has also led to multiple co-signs in the rap industry. She supported Azealia Banks on tour in 2017, spent time in the studio with Fabolous, and received support from peers like Fivio Foreign and Remy Ma in which she credits as her biggest female rap inspiration. “Seeing her melanated skin and success in the rap made me say I can do this too.” In this interview we discuss not just her music career but important topics like colorism and her health journey with gastric bypass surgery. “I never really discussed this, this is my first time” Make sure you tune in and subscribe to our youtube channel at youtube.com/jazziebelletv and follow us on social media @womeninhiphop @jazziebelletv @_conniediiamond

Connie Diamond “Mood” performance for Women in Hip Hop Podcast